MSD Animal Health has been the sponsor of ESVE since its inception in 2001.


As part of its annual sponsorship program to encourage research in the field of veterinary endocrinology, MSD Animal Health also awards an annual prize for the best abstract presented at ESVE by an author under 35 years old.


As of 2007, the winner will get to present their abstract during the next ACVIM congress with the MSD Animal Health award (value of € 1,000.00) supporting attendance of this congress.

2017 award winner Dr Karin Sanders (Utrecht University) with Dr Linda Horspool (MSD Animal Health), Dr Stijn Niessen (President ESVE) and Dr Sara Galac (Past President ESVE) in Malta.

Congratulations to Drs Chris Scudder of the Royal Veterinary College (left) and Karin Sanders of Utrecht University (3rd person from left) with their respective prizes for best oral abstract presentation during the 2016 endocrine stream of ECVIM! Thank you to MSD and Linda Horspool for sponsoring the first prize for best endocrine abstract!

2015 award winner Dr Yaiza Forcada (middle, RVC, London) with Linda Horspool (left, MSD Animal Health) and Dr Sara Galac (right, Past President ESVE) in Lisbon, Portugal.

2014 award winner Chris Scudder (RVC, London) with Linda Horspool (MSD Animal Health) in Mainz, Germany.

Winner Miriam Kool in 2013 for the abstract entitled ACTIVATING MUTATIONS OF GNAS IN CANINE CORTISOL-SECRETING ADRENOCORTICAL TUMORS; the award was presented by Dr Linda Horspool (right) of MSD Animal Health.

2010 award winner Yaiza Forcada (RVC, London) with Linda Horspool (MSD) and Sylvie Daminet and Dan Rosenberg (ESVE-board).

Winner List
2017 Karin SANDERS
Utrecht University
2016 Chris SCUDDER
Royal Veterinary College
Utrecht University
2015 Yaiza FORCADA
Royal Veterinary College, London, UK
2014 Chris SCUDDER
Royal Veterinary College, London, UK
2013 Miriam KOOL
University of Utrecht
2012 Elena SALESOV
University of Zurich
2011 Pascal SMETS
University of Ghent, Belgium
2010 Yaiza FORCADA
Royal Veterinary College, London, UK
2009 Miguel CAMPOS
University of Ghent, Belgium
2008 Dr. Ghita BENCHEKROUN
Alfort National Veterinary School, FR
2007 Jeannette HANSON
Utrecht University, NL
2006 Annemarie VOORBIJ
Utrecht University, NL
VetSuisse Faculty, Zurich University, CH
2004 Dr. Saskia KLEY
VetSuisse Faculty, Zurich University, CH
2003 Dr. Lucy DAVIDSON
Cambridge Veterinary School, UK
2002 Dr. Lucy DAVIDSON
Cambridge Veterinary School, UK